Now this a big huge assed aircraft. This is 1/72 mind you, Revell’s F-89D/J (build is of a D) Scorpion #04848. Lovely kit, definitely one of Revell’s better ones, on par with the Meeeeeg-21 F-13 imo. As it stands out the build is ready for the gloss coat. I am not very fond of gloss coats when it comes to metallic finishes but here i have no choice because the amount of decals are simply too high and silvering is going to be an issue no matter how smooth the surface is…

Basecoat for the nmf is gunze super metallic stainless steel. Patches along the wings and fuselage are testors metallizer magnesium, top side of the nose and the fin of the vertical tail aluminum. There are still patches to work but i’ll do em last, gloss coated nmf vs parts left as is should give a nice contrast, hopefully.

Decals will be for 61st FIS, Ernest Harmon AFB New Foundland according to Revell. The aircraft has a big huge shark mouth on the nose and The Texan “A” on the wingtip rocket/fuel pods. The a/c also has underwing fuel tanks.

As for the design itself, i am simply in love with it. I wouldn’t know how the a/c fared in real life with it’s performance but it looks amazing for it’s era.