Axles were on the jig that tamiya provided for a good day and before the primer i’ll mask off the vision ports (loaders is not attached since i can easily access it from underneath the turret to glue it after everything’s done) and check the polishing once last time in a couple of places. Left the smoke dischargers on purpose to make painting easier – when it comes to masking the 3 tone less protruding items the better to avoid overspray – remember, every modeller will taste overspray one day – do whatever it takes to avoid it in the first place! As you might have guessed the camo will be hard edged, i’ll be using rolls of tac..

As a final note i did leave the baskets at the back of the turret after seeing tamiya has supplied a decal for a vehicle without them – honestly i always thought the baskets was part of the basic package (no sunroof tho! 😀 ). Reason being after assembling both of them they looked terrible so instead of fixing em somehow i am chickening out, yes!