Following the decals did oilpaint work with the Flanker. Pure white on the lt gray, davy gray + white for the dark grey, payne’s gray + white for the blue gray. Followed by fading inside the panels with white again and neutral gray (black + white, nothing fancy) for shadows and this is the result.

Not much to be done except some leaks and dirt but the raised panel lines are not making it easy. Going to wait for the oils to settle than paint the details further.

Skyraider has received it’s decals and a semi gloss and flat coat afterwards. Got it’s oil paints with white and raw sienna but the result is not satisfactory for some reason. Either the oils didn’t like the flat coat (much like armor, i think they are best applied over a gloss or a semi gloss) or maybe because i got impatient and didn’t allow the paper soak enough oil out off the pigments.  Better take it slow next time.

Much like the Flanker once the oils settle i’ll do a bit stains, i’m hoping to attach the remaining parts and call er done.