Yeep, another episode.

Skyraider has received the SEA camo with all vallejo model colors over black primer:

  • Silvergrey underside
  • Tan earth, medium olive, us dark green for the SEA camo.

Camouflage has been made with rolls of patafix and paintjob started off with tan earth then medium olive and finally us dark green all masked in between.
The canopy is showing tru at the moment but the masks came off during removing the camo masks, i’ll fix it before the gloss clear which will be the next step.

Sea Flanker has received it’s gloss coat and decals (just a handful fortunately) now i’ll begin with the panel weathering via filters before sealing it all with semigloss for further weathering and detail painting for the radome and dielectric panels here and there.

As you can see 2 different subjects from adjacent time periods looking entirely different in almost all aspects, how scale modelling can get any better than this? Yes it’s tedious to research for resource material, figuring out color matches and finally manually masking all these camouflages (especially the Russian one was a dog) and awaiting in between for the paint to settle, but honestly it’s no hassle in my book; it’s been a fun and rewarding so far and at a rather steady pace.