Yep it’s time for another episode that i know all my loyal readers have been anxiously awaiting for, YAAY!

First the dreaded Naval Flanker build: Managed to mask and paint the final color which is vallejo model color 70.943@061 Grey Blue FS35177 with a drop of vallejo grey white. I’m a mere mortal please don’t question my choice of colors when it comes to any Russian subject, and a prototype at that. Only reference that i could find on this particular bird were these:

As you can see in the above list color L is Flat Dark Blue with  FS 25177. We all know that the left most digit in the FS codes represent 1 Gloss 2 Semigloss 3 Flat, by this logic the difference between 25177 and 35177 would only be the glossiness (wishful thinking…)
Assuming (big one!) Begemot got the colors and pattern correct, then it all boils down to how accurate Vallejo’s FS conversion would be. Now as a modeler it’s my job to eyeball the color matches ultimately, don’t care what the charts say – i just use them for a starting point and solely by Mr. Yefim Gordon’s pic i believe i am in the ballpark for 2 outta 3 colors, off one being either of the grey which one i can’t decide. Currently the model might be looking light but remember that’s to compensate for the weathering to come hoping things to become darker ending up closer to the real colors. That being said figuring out paints for multicolor schemes are always a problem because perception of a single color vs that very same color against different colors around it will always be different – that’s how stupid we humans are, and advertisers/marketers/designers use it to their great advantage!
No comment regarding the pattern however, all i have is a somewhat restricted and truncated 10 o’clock view and that’s all:

Next step will be to gloss coat and than paint white dielectric panels as described by the Begemot’s sheet, yes you can read it if you squint enough…

One thing to mention, Vallejo has come a long way in the past couple of years. Painting all these 3 colors via airbrush and masking them in the mean time (this is lingering for a LONG time!) would have been impossible 3 or 4 years ago. Now i am not sure what’s improved, them or me but i am of the opinion it’s the former. Their airbrush thinner and flow improver is magical considering how densely pigmented the model colors for airbrush usage; big huge kudos to Vallejo! Now of course the question would be if i switch over? Unless i learn a way of doing shading and lighting with my current setup i don’t see that happening because as you can see i have only figured how to paint solid coats – this model being shitty et al. was intended as a testbed for this particular task from the beginning btw, paint it all with vallejos no matter what!

Second one, a lovely Revell Skyraider in 1/72 which is actually a  Monogram kit dating back 1967! Kit has raised details yet it’s still lovely imo. Good fit and design despite it’s age. Will finish as a USAF bird in SEA camo colors. Only downside is that there is no loadout, 3 ext fuel tanks and that’s it. 😦
Currently it’s over the Lego jig for alignment. Once the glue sets i’ll take care of the putty residue around the wing-roots, polish, clean here and there and off to primer it’ll go!