Hello all decals, pinwash and semigloss is done.
Decals are generously supplied by a modeler friend who’s running http://www.tigerheaddecals.com/ which is his own brand.
First and foremost big huge thanks to him! Unfortunately the decals are not without issues, none physical whatsover, they came off the sheet very quick and were responsive to the setting and softener solutions, but it was a design issue. Czech roundels are 3 colored as you can see however notice the symmetry in the wings, ie. whites are always looking outside and above. The decals you see on the wingtops are actually Eduard’s leftovers from the previous Albatros build. In short the .CZ roundels on Tigerhead decals are all looking at the same direction so half of the roundels are not useful on this particular build. Even with this problem the build won’t be complete because i needed the bort # for this particular jet, once again thank you very much Ayhan TOPLU!
Following the decals a pinwash of W&N Vandycke brown limied to green sections was applied, afterwards Tamiya’s semigloss clear with a touch of flat base to unify it all and get rid of any stains and whatnot.
Next is weathering…