Camo is complete. Following the panel fading and last minute touchups for overspray the model received it’s generous amount of gloss clear. This is true lacquer spray gloss from hardware store, decanted and shot via airbrush thinned with a fair amount of lacquer thinner and gunze retarder mild. After the closs clear a layer of neat lacquer thinner was sprayed but despite it there is orange peel on the wings still which i’ll take care of once everything hardens for good – at least a full day.
As for the aircraft itself, if anyone remembers Ran Ronen’s (IAF Ace) intercept/escort with a defecting MiG-21 (can’t recall nationality) on fictory channel’s Dogfights, he described the MiG as a black dog appearing on the horizon… i couldn’t agree more with the definition! Obviously Arab countries never wore such a color scheme like this Czech one but what the heck, it’s an amazing looking aircraft.