State of the workbench:
1- MiG-21 F-13 1/72 Revell
2- Su-27 1/72 Tamiya

MiG-21 F-13

If i had to choose a MiG-21 variant this would be the one, it’s a pure interceptor imho with very sleek lines; post this version the aircraft became bulky with all the dorsal spine, broader nose and what not. Kit is a Revell, no more no less. I am not really sure if they had captured the lines of the airframe especially around the nose but alas this is what i can get. It’ll be painted in 2 tone green camo for .CZ airforce colors, decals will be from Tiger Head Decals Early Fishbeds v2 #72011.  Currently the underside has received it’s gray with gunze h57 over gunze black surfacer.


The kit is actually Italeri = PIECE OF CRAP. It is supposed to be a Naval Flanker, aka Su-33 but it’s bogus. In the realm of Italeri when you slap forward canards and provide a double wheeled nose gear to a run of the mill Su-27, it magically becomes a Su-33….. This level of immense attention to detail is one of the many reasons why i despise Italeri and never consider them as a serious plastic model producer. What’s even more puzzling is how the hell Tamiya think it’s ok to slap their logo onto this abomination…
Anyway the aircraft has a 3 tone camo on the top side, currently it’s with the second one in the pic, i’ll mask for the last color which will be the dark blue.
As for the color scheme i i did a lot of research and found Blue 39s color schema from Begemot decals’ Sea Flankers instructions, according to their color callouts Blue 39, which is pre production ac #2 is wearing these colors:
– FS25414, vallejo model color: 70972@107 entire underside & patches upside
– FS25237, 70905@156 patches upside
– FS25177, 70943@61 patches upside