Here she is with only a couple of bits missing which i’ll install once the base and crew figures are complete.
Since the last update the model received several layers of filters via raw sienna with a touch of sap green oil paints followed by tamiya’s semi gloss clear in several wet coats. Reason for the semi gloss being, my good friend provided a lot of input since the beginning of this one and obviously Czech’s did keep them jets real clean and tidy as a result nice glossy jets in the flight line and i wanted the model to reflect this aspect whilst not looking like a car model and i am happy with the result so far.

Thoughts on the model kit itself,
Profipack is overkill in this scale for this particular jet. The aircraft is tiny as it is and whilst the PE details are looking great on the fret, most of them are next to impossible to be of any use, at least for a hamfisted modeller such as i because there are many PE parts were lost on this one during the build, final loss was the lovely HUD…
Armory’s resin wheels were a waste. The weighted parts of tires are not even noticeable only there is some flatness due to surface contact which could have been achieved on the kit wheels just as easily. Besides Armory’s fit is not passable.
Best add-on was the metal pitot tubes on the wing leading edges, they are way ahead of kit’s plastic parts and proved to be incredibly sturdy, being metal of course.

Next step is the groundwork and the crew figures.