Over the grey primer revell aqua aluminum thinned with pure water hoping it would put out a metallic sheen from underneath if the paints above would be translucent enough. I do have a lot of old vallejo paints, from 3 4 years back and they are surely transparent enough when airbrushed but looks like they’ve changed the formula in the recent years and the paint is simply working more like enamels wrt coverage nowadays. Atop the revell i have done a pinwash with black oil paint again hoping that they won’t become totally obscured alas they are almost complete gone – not bad really, they did leave a slight shade in and around the details.

After conversing with a dear good friend from .CZ who happens to be an excellent modeler too (aren’t they all from CZ?) i noticed there are certain issues both with the eduard’s color callout and missing details on the jet. For ex the APU exhaust at the bottom is not present in the kit, 1 minute job with a handvise – done. There are missing bits and pieces too like the static dischargers trailing the horizontal and vert stabs but i’ll be adding them at the very end. As for the color, what eduard suggests for the lighter one is gunze interior yellow which is totally off after looking at some online references. Instead i did my own mix in the following order all with Vallejo model COLORs mixed with pure water then with their ab thinners and flow improver:
3x khaki  + 1x green ochre for base
pure khaki followed by 3x whitegrey + 1x khaki for shades and whatnot.
Compressor pressure was never static; i simply went on both ends and in between a barely working airbrush and an airblower 😀

Next stop figuring out the dark green. Check these following pix out vs Eduard’s (mis)instructions to get what it’s worth asking someone who knows their stuff and doing just a bit of online research:

As for details primeportal is always to our rescue.