With this one i lost the mojo but it’s gonna finish one way or the other.
First of all despite all my attempts i couldn’t get the tone for German grey that i liked so as a last resort i said wth and went in with Vallejo’s black wash with a touch of their umber wash. It worked like a charm with the fuel drums but for some reason reacted with something on the entire vehicle and produced a terrible looking pinkish residue cloud as a result – reason unknown i can only speculate it was something with the prior weathering oil and enamel steps…
Anyway despite attempting to recover, nothing i’ve tried helped so i had to go in with good ole lamp black (w&n) oil paint diluted with Mig’s thinner for washes and this is the result. I know it looks like crap with stains and whatnot especially over the bonnet but knowing how it was prior to this i am happy – yes it was that disastrous! Bright side is i am happy with the grey now at least. 🙂


TO DO: Attempt to hide the staining etc with light touches of dust and dirt, take care of the windows, search light and overall weathering in the mean time.
Crew figures.
Stowage; drums are just for trial, their position will probably remain like this but they’ll have to be further weathered alongside 15 more jerry cans.
Fix tools, vehicle width markers and various details here and there…