Kit is Eduard’s Danger Zone, which is a reboxing of Hobby Boss’ 1:48 Tomcat with loads of aftermarket goodies such as resin bang seats, pe cockpit details, an impressive array of decal options and what not. Up until now i haven’t read any negative comments regarding the HB Tomcat except the usual mad riveter on wings and some shape issues with the intakes. Both of which i can live with, but what i can NOT live with in a kit i’ll let the pix speak:

What’s evident in these shots is there is a serious fit issue. Fuselage is not only bent in length, it is also skewed. This is not specific to the fuselage top and bottom halves neither, every sub assembly of the kit is terrible when it comes to fit, i didn’t bother to shoot the underside but you can imagine it’s not really different, there are huge gaps everywhere which has to be addressed with different methods.

According to Scalemates Hobby Boss Tomcat, the kit is a new tool dating back to 2010. This is a modern kit so to speak. Like i’ve said above i haven’t seen anybody mentioning such big fit problems anywhere on the net so am i the unlucky one who got one from a problematic batch? Who knows! No matter what i’ll keep on building and get rid off this one asap but you can see i am not impressed nor inspired, not one bit. As to all the goodies in the box, sorry but they’ll be a waste to use in such a piece of khit; i always treat aftermarket as a means improve an already good basis, not to lift it outta gutter.

For the record this will be finished as a VF-1 Wolf Pack bird, decals are sourced from an Italeri kit, box originally doesn’t have that option.

Long story short, some kits only do look good when they are in the box.