Tamiya’s titanium silver over tamiya white primer (bottle) as primer. Why? I’m not a big fan of color modulation and b&w techniques honestly, i believe they are developed to promote weathering products more than anything else. Seeing lots of lovely models hidden behind a wall of product bottles are encouraging my belief too. Apart from the political bullshit i tend to go with post shading these days, besides this fella will have the usual wehrmact 3 color camo where brown and green patches are quite significant over the yellow, so i see no reason for all the work underneath which will either get lost or simply look off due to the patches not conforming to the dunkelgelb basecolor.

Anyone who spots the 11 differences in the above shot, i’ll donate a kit! 😛 As you can see everything is good to go for the dunkelgelb and their associated colors now. Zimmerit with milliput in such a scope proved to be a drag but i bit the bullet and completed – i don’t want to see milliput for a long time if possible, thank you.

For dunkelgelb i’ll probably start off with tamiya desert yellow than switch to tamiya dark yellow for the shading.

Track in the picture is the left side, the tracks are link and length – NOT the usual tamiya vinyl  probably due to the natural sag of the real ones which are a rather dominant feature that can’t be hidden since there are no side skirts – and upon assembling it i realized it’s best to leave it until the end. Might be me but i think Tamiya has an error in the track assy instructions, they might have omitted a single horned link from each side – i had to install one more link. Eventho there are no “spares” intended for this purpose, Tamiya provides real spares to be hung at the back of the superstructure as links so i robbed from those, hopefully it’ll be enough for the other side.