As the Dragonfly is setting i began with this big huge beast, 1/35 Tamiya Elefant. Lovely kit, tho construction wise Abrams was a little bit better than this one; some ejector locations are on the visible side, but if Tamiya didn’t do it they must have a very good reason and couldn’t be done in another way – in Tamiya we trust! Seriously, if the parts ain’t fitting than the modeler is at fault here, since there are a lot of repeating parts around the suspension and on the hull it’s easy to become confused and you know what, if i am manhandling them, then they are the wrong parts = refer to the manual and voila – haven’t seen an exception to it so far in a Tamiya kit, what separates them from the rest in my book is their modeler friendly design!

Currently the hull is all done, now it’s going to be zimmerit coating. The kit doesn’t come with it so it’s either aftermarket (which Tamiya has one of course) or home made. I’ll go with superfine (white) milliput thank you very much. Tamiya has graciously provided reference shots and drawings so it’s very clear where the zimmerit is needed and at which pattern and direction.