It took so far because almost every joint needed very careful alignment and ample time and clamps for the glue to set in, of course all these were followed by lots of putty and sanding. Currently it’s awaiting for the canopy masking, primer will follow.


As i’ve said earlier in the Hellcat build report, it’s a Revell kit with no exceptions. Apart from the fit issues so far, my moments of meh:

  • No option for open canopy. Tho this has an upside, no need to invest in resin seats and pilots, if you can call it an upside.
  • No options for positionable control surfaces and all the other features associated with this bird. For example my preferred stance for a kitten would be on the cat ready for launch, which means deployed flaps and slats and lowered nose gear; it’s not possible to build this kit OOB anything but parked.
  • Plastic isn’t smooth at all. This is the first time i’ve encountered this in a Revell kit tho, for ex check the radome where i had a lot of sanding to align flush the nose section, light reflecting from there indicating how much the surface finish is different/highly polished from the rest of the jet.
  • There is only one decal option OOB. Well at least it’s a super cool option with a shark mouth Grim Reapers so i’ll give it a pass 😀 No idea about the decal quality so i’m still cautious.
  • Wing sweep mechanism is worthless.


  • Looks like a Tomcat, no question there (not talking about the details but the overall shape).
  • Full air to air weapons load. Tho all will go into the spares bin, for the references i could find on the net suggest this particular bird didn’t carry anything much, not even the pylons.

Verdict: It’s complicated!
The kit is devoid of options, that might have made it a beginner friendly kit (skill level 3/5 according to Revell) IF there were no fit issues – unfortunately filler and sanding galore. Even with a kit with no options the price USD20  is steep imho. I can get a Hasegawa kitten to that price, but it won’t have any weapons so it’s down to personal choice and available aftermarket options.