First of all painted the entire model with tamiya chrome silver – this will serve for the deepest chips. Atop the chrome applied table salt sparingly, most got blown off during airbrushing tamiya yellow green anyhow, which should be the zinc chromate.

10 minutes of waiting for the yellow to settle i had to decide how to approach the shading, should i shade prior or post hair spray, i decided to go with the preshading first via tamiya jgsdf brown, applied the hair spray later in very fine coats couple of times. How will this do, that remains to be seen once the base coat is done and all the chipping revealed.

Regarding the shading colors, since the aircraft will be navy blue all around the complementary colors for it will be yellow and brown according to THIS color wheel. Instead of using black and white, this is why i chose to use yellow and brown. Scientific as it may be i don’t think the color variation is really that noticeable as opposed to black and white with this technique as i’ve tried it numerous times before with the Chally II and Pz. III . Maybe a lighter and controlled application with the base color is required, which i will do with this build.