I actually got 2 builds going on at the moment

F6F Hellcat, 1/72 Hasegawa from the Pacific Aces combo, which i built the Wildcat earlier.

F-14D Tomcat, 1/72 Revell with the Grim Reapers markings which could be seen in the background which is only sub-assembled at the moment. The kit does look like a Tomcat alright but it’s what you’d expect from a Revell kit, no more no less. Long story short there is a lot of work to do mating the nose section to the body for the gap around the dorsal spine is considerable after dryfitting.

Here are the shots of the Hellcat after Tamiya’s bottled gray primer. I did blend the seam of the canopy to the body via vallejo’s putty after the shots. Nothing to say about the kit except meh. Anyway this one’s going to be less chipped compared to the Wildcat also i’ll go with hairspray method for chipping this time instead of the liquid mask.