Decided to take the Tamiya 1/48 F-15C Eagle off the shelf of doom, build began back at september 2014…WOW! Also went ahead and bought the AK US Navy colors set 80’s to present since both Compass Ghost grays were available in it, which this jet needed depending on it’s timeframe and unit.

I know Gunze has these 2 colors bottled as well however i am never fond of Gunze paints so i skipped.

Tamiya has given the colors as a recipe so i said * that too, besides i never worked with these recent AK paints before so thought this is the perfect opportunity.

First of all these AK paints performed rather different from anything that i’m used to. I figured out that no matter how they landed on the surface just leave them be and watch the magic happen in a couple of minutes; happy with the result overall. For the record i always use primer, in this case it was tamiya’s white from the glass bottle. Vertical tails weren’t painted with dark ghost gray in the below shots so don’t wonder, i’ll take care of the patches next.

There are peeling paint due to masking again as with the previous Flogger build, alas it’s one of my banes that i haven’t figured out in years. Instead of touching up this time i’ll try another new method of wx with the bottles of VA model colors that you can see in the background, Dr. Bera Karoly’s WORK has always amazed me so what better way of livening up an all gray jet, no? Process involves staining the paint job with highly diluted paints. Of course i’ve made some trials to figure out how not to botch it because of the extreme temp of summer climate here, coupled with the fact that i’m living next to jolly blue Aegean humidity is ever present around the 90s too – perfect combo for paintjobs, yeah right! 😀

As for the jet itself, the board will be displayed open, i just fixed it temp to help with camo pattern alignment of the spine. Canopy will be open too with a pilot figure (OOB) in the office. I know the intakes should be looking downwards when on the ground with the engine running but Tamiya doesn’t provide such an option so they’ll have to look ahead. Missing control surface of the port side vertical tail is going to be painted inverted/against the pattern of that wing, a la field replacement from an opposite side spare – common thing with loads of documented examples one can see via google images. Loadout will probably be QRA, with a centerline and mix of of AIM-7s and 9s.

Finally what better way of getting some motivation than this video, one of my all time favs, with proper comms and training sorties: