Back from the contest, unfortunately no prizes for the Pickup. I probably never attend another local modelling show as a contestant – live and learn, alas i digress.

Flogger is almost done, it’s up on it’s wheels now, most of the wx is done for too. Swing wing action caused the paint to lift during weathering, i guess it literally weathered itself however the white speckles are looking odd – needs fixing. MLG was problematic too, it can’t withstand the weight, just as i feared when installing nose weight, left MLG buckled up during weathering due to oil wash/thinner reacting with plastic glue which had ample setting time and protected under several coats of clear, eating into the plastic as result. It’s fixed and level is OK atm but who knows how long it can take the punishment – my guess is in the long run it will slowly bend. 😦 MLG wheel covers and pitots will be installed last that’s why they are missing in the below shot.

If anyone wonders about the Russian green in the wells and the nose gear fod cover, the recipe is tamiya sky blue + tamiya clear green; 3:2 respectively.IMG_1346