Not much update to show so far.

Kawasaki T-4 and Eduard’s Mig-15 is still in build up. Tons of filling and sanding involved with both so far unfortunately.
T-4 fuselage went on pretty quick however air intake fit was terrible as expected with such a design; intake ramps have 2 halves per side, which has to match the fuselage while the blending into the wing lerx. Why wouldn’t hasegawa design it in male female fashion rather than this 2 equal halves is beyond me – i’m sure there is a valid engineering explanation…

MiG-15 fit is terrible overall, which has been very well documented over the internet. Nose section has a bottom part to close up the intake section from below. Needed a lot of trimming and dryfitting and more trimming.

For both kits the required work has a downside, their beautiful and delicate (remember 1/72) surface detail in terms of lines, rivets and whatnot have all gone. No i will not be bother to open them all back, just a few prominent lines. At this scale i neither have the tools, patience nor the expertise.28204888291_9f30d9840c_o_d