Get out your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to make mistakes yeah all that and many more mumbo jumbo aside, why would anyone go all this trouble?

What we have here is Tamiya’s 1/72 Dora and Eduard’s photoetch set for it.

Cockpit: looks über doesn’t it? Well it’s gonna get obstructed eventually, heck to take the below photos i had to arrange the camera and lights many times as it is so i reckon with the windshield and main canopy piece on most will be even harder to see. Now i don’t have anything against PE or any other detailing, heck no, however as a frugal modeller (and one fresh kicked outta job at that) i oughta now better than to invest in this. An F-16 for ex with it’s bubble canopy is going to benefit way more with a detail set than this one for sure!

Top: PE frets and bender – Left: kit cockpit – Right: Eduard cockpit

Wings: Eduard has supplied incredibly fine detailed flaps however in order for them to be installed the model has to be hacked. Again, unless someone picks up and turns the model upside down it’s going to be INVISIBLE. Besides the upper wing part is so tricky to install i doubt i’ll get the housing flush with the rest of the wing and into the wingroots… No matter how much one is strong with the force bending PE and plastic to their will it’s always a good idea to question why am i doing this? In this particular example i’d be much better off leaving the upper wing intact and simply modifying the lower section for the drooping part of the flaps for real instead of going in gungho because it said so in the instructions…