Began the weathering process with highlighting raised details and surfaces with various acrylics of green lightened with gray yellow and white. Also did some preliminary enamel drybrushing inside panels with light gray-yellows.

While the wx was drying i took care of the track links. Total is just north of 200, an individual link is connected to the sprue by 2 gates and there are 2 opposing blank nubs to take care as well. Long story short, cutting and cleaning took 2 hours straight for good. What’s left is to lay them first and wrap later, for which i’ve installed two pairs of wheels and the sprockets so i can adjust the trade mark track sag / tension properly.

The unditching log is taken care of too, decided to make it look like a freshly cut log. Method is as follows:

  • Basecoat of vallejo natural wood
  • Prepare a cup of brown oil paint for the bark color
  • Prepare another separate cup of acrylic paint for the fresh wood color, also add some pigments powders in it to liven up the color (i used light yellow and brown pigments)
  • Get a flat brush dip into oil paint
  • Dip the same brush now into the acrylic paint
  • Apply paint with a single continous stroke using the broad back (not tips!) of the brush
  • Experiment and enjoy until achieving the desired effect!

Finally after seeing pictures online, i built a simple crate from balsa wood, i’m planning on putting in a duffel bag in it then covering partially with a tarp. Tamiya tank commander figure is for reference – i believe the dimensions are appropriate.