Weathering stage began with chipping via the ink of edding silver paintmarker which i also used when painting the underside followed by oil paints entirely. Of which first i applied dot filtering with 8 oil colors (white, red, lt. green, naples yellow, buff, purple, gray and brown) over the entire non metal sections, namely the ribbed tail section and all the wings. Then sealed all in with tamiya matt coat, which i ran out right in the middle, then tamiya semi gloss + flat base as substitute. Yet it’s still somewhat shiny as you can see but that’s more due to the camera aperture setting against black background. After the semi matt coat i applied a rather neutral looking tone of filter over the nose and the rest of the fuselage where i previously didn’t weather. I usually don’t throw away the jar with the “dirty” turpentine which i clean my brush with because after a while that too becomes enough of a filter/wash itself and i get to use it as a neutral wash as you can imagine (equally mix everything and you’ll end up with a nice warm gray tone!). Final step was a lightened van dyke brown pin wash to pop out the details. I did clean the stains from the pin wash stage but there are still some left (benefits of photographing the progress!) i can see in the pictures which i will take care of course.
Not done yet, but very close – hang tight!