Time to get uncomfortable with one of my touchy modeling subjects except wheeled vehicles: any kind of metallic finishes. After several unsatisfactory results with using gunze and tamiya acrylics in these situations, (check the gunport of my su-27 flanker build for starter) i started looking for alternatives. I know there is the über alclad and testors metalizers coming in a close 2nd but i have issues with those. 1st is their smell 2nd being their availability, for a reasonable price that is. So here i am trying something out of the box, Edding 750 silver paint marker.

NO i did not paint the entire surface with the pen, i simply used it’s ink. 4-5 drops of ink thinned with cellulose thinner is enough to paint this whole surface and more. Price wise it may not be any better than Alclads but this ink has NO smell what so ever, except the smell of the thinner that is. I am happy with it so far but this has only one single color, so yet again it’s not a complete solution to the metallic paint problem – rather a stop gap measure.