Got 2 kit going side by side on the bench right now:

Eduard’s Avia B.534 serie.IV in 1/48. Got the usual fit issues as you can see by the amount of sanding and vallejo putty present but the aircraft itself is as lovely as it gets. Also being the profipak version it’s loaded with photoetch, masks and 6 decal options.

2nd one is a menacing T-62 mod.62 from Trumpeter in 1/35. PE parts and the metal gun barrel is from the box. Wiring and plumbing all over the place awaiting for sensors and what not to be connected are of course all homemade. I had to look around a lot references to figure out what comes out and goes in where but it wasn’t easy because most of the walk around references are from museum models which are usually stripped off external devices and such. Anyway, i’ll paint it russian green with white id stripes. Thinking of making a relatively clean vehicle in good shape of Prague ’68