Not much visible progress but i have finally mated the fuselage with the wings, made a quick jig from lego blocks to assure the dihedral also with the help of a square; things are looking right.

Wing roots are much better than i had anticipated in the previous update but they will still need some loving, if at all then it’ll be the very first time this kit will be needing putty, also as mentioned in THIS blog post as well – this kit is engineered very well.

That being said a seasoned modeler would notice that i made a mistake, attaching the air intake scoop and the photoetch guard underneath is an error at this stage; IF i have to fill and sand the wing roots those 2 pieces will be in the way – they might get damaged or disrupt the sanding… I shouldn’t have attached those this early, this is what happens when you only go by the instruction sheet!

In the mean time i have prepped and painted the parts like the propeller hub spinner and blades etc. Color details on these are hard to find, even harder to decipher because there are many inconsistencies…  in the end i decided to paint the spinner in gunze RLM 70 which is a very dark green and the blades in black, rest of the none camo cavities are gunze rlm 02 as usual.

Don’t want to be talking too soon but imho this is the best kit that i’ve built ever – it almost made me like building aircraft kits again, kudos to Hobby Boss.