Great kit from Hobby Boss here, clever engineering with nice fit of parts, friendly price tag with a detailed enough photo etch fret in the box; what else would i want more, the kitchen sink?

Fuselage is all closed up but haven’t begun with sanding. Wings are entirely dryfit so don’t be alarmed with the gaps at the wing roots, i am expecting them to be mostly gone once their dihedral is set.

Hobby Boss made the cockpit instrument panels and dials detailed enough if the modeler wishes to paint em so they could. Hobby Boss is also providing full decals for the instrument panels for those willing to remove the details and use the decals. I did something in between; painted the panels in tamiya dark grey than cut the dials from the decals and used where appropriate. With the help of Micro Sol everything is fine and dandy.

What i am missing right now is some information regarding the radiator flaps/cowling and the control surface angles whilst the aircraft is on the ground and cold because Hobby Boss has provided a pair of radiators, one open and one closed, also the control surfaces are provided as separate pieces

As for something off topic, i have decided to go with 1/48 scale in aircraft from this era only. Reason is simple, i don’t have the room to place big huge fighter jets, namely the stalled F-15c project. Fighter planes of the ww2 are hardly large enough as a 1/72 modern fighter jet likes of the F-15 or Su-27. I might still build a modern jet as long as it’s dimensions are within certain limits, such as an A-4 or an F-5. Until i sort my space issue, or rather it’s lack thereof, find somewhere to donate these big kits where they will be well take care or better start selling these builds for money i will be limiting my 1/48 subjects. You might ask why insisting on 1/48 then? Well imho the scale makes the effort visible a lot more than 1/72 does.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the Ta-152 in progress, enjoy.