Eighth update and it’s stil got work to do before seeing the end line…

Groundwork layed; Cheapo craft acrylics mixed with pva glue, carbonate and wood shavings, thinned down with water and mixed thoroughly. Weathered with oil paints than snow particles which i made of dried gunze flat base sprinkled and smeared all over. Also made frozen water puddles with craft gloss varnish and oil paints.

Gutter received a bunch of debris but i’ll add more, also sprinkled snow here but i think it’s a bit much will remove some.

Makeshift table under the wall is of balsa wood, milk jug on top of it is a fuel drum from the spares box cut and modified with heat.

TO DO: Add a signpost and a cable pole, paint the trim around base (not decided for a color, anyone?) and send it to the display case!