This particular kit is a Christmas present from a dear friend and an avid scale modeler from Czech Republic.  The company Kovozavody Prostejov was totally unknown to me until seeing this kit and according to my friend their kits are getting a reboot lately and he was very excited about it – which is understandable because my initial impression about the kit upon opening the box: i fell in love for some reason! Anyway, here’s the kit, also check the last part of the post for references:


It’s a side opening box with a very lovely illustration of 2 Sakhins in formation above what looks like the Sinai for the boxart on the front and the paint schemes for 1 aircraft with camouflage and 1 with monotone and their associated color callouts on the back:


Kit is coming in 3 light grey and 1 clear sprues. Another crisp looking kit free of flash and other usual issues with the plastic.

Surface detail is adequate with rivets and engraved panel lines where needed.

Cockpit has raised detail on the instruction panel, walls and the seat. Seatbelts are provided as decals, so does the instruction panel (dials only over carrier film) if the modeler wishes not to detail paint them instead.

Finally the clear part sprue has a single piece canopy and a clear piece for an armored glass. Clear parts are detailed and well polished:

Instruction and Decal Sheets

Instruction sheet is colored, packed with exploded views for the 20 assembly stages also provides a tree display, which is usefull because the actual sprues don’t have any numbering on them, modeler must use these diagrams to locate the parts. Also be aware of the large number of unused parts – there will remain a lot of spare parts!

The decal sheet has markings for 2 distinct aircraft which are in register with minimal carrier film.

Color callouts are given for Humbrol and Agama paints:

 Reference Material

You may check these sources, which were provided by my friend who sent the gift, for more info:

Historie a Plastikove Modelarstvi – 1991 Special. Has interior and exterior photographs, illustrations and info in Czech.

Historie a Plastikove Modelarstvi – 1992 01. Has detailed photographs from the engine section and accompanying illustrations.

Letectvi Kosmonautika – 1978 05. 3-views and details in Czech.

Letectvi Kosmonautika – 1978 06.

Letectvi Kosmonautika – 1978 08.

Letectvi Kosmonautika – 1990 08. Photographs, illustrations and details in Czech.

Modelar – 2007 10. 3-views and detailed exterior photographs. Detail article on the grey green color of these birds. Default forums to go for any IDF modeling subjects.