Paint of the groundwork is more or less complete i’m happy with the result so far compared to the reference picture provided in the earlier update. Earth is Vandyke brown, raw umber and raw sienna oil paints, they were more washes than paint anyway so it took couple of passes to cover the white basecolor.

Trim of the base is oil paints again, ivory black with a little bit of burnt sienna in several coats. Tho this time i didn’t want the base itself to overpower the model like i did with the M60 so i kept the wooden grain effect to bare min on purpose.

Sticker is homemade, a simple design with Gimp2 for 10cmX5cm including the ref. shot and the flag of the IDF obtained from wikimedia: “Flag of the Israel Defence Forces” by MeronimOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. and stuck aside the base with carpenter’s 2 sided tape, which has a nice thickness to it compared to a regular tape. As for the font in the sticker, i’ve searched the net high and low for the proper IDF fonts to no avail so i simply used Verdana Bold Italic which looked cool enough to me. Initially i also wanted to include a Hebrew text too but couldn’t get the printer work properly so i skipped the idea totally with the lack of a good font anyway.

Next step will be adding some sparse vegetation, rocks and stones around the base to liven it up even more then i will resume the work on the tank.