Airframe is shaping up slowly: Fuselage joints and the air intakes are filled, sanded (rinse & repeat) and rescribed.

Radome has more work to do, so does the avionics bay behind the cockpit.

I’ve installed the main wings atop a pair of lego bricks on each side to ensure their alignment but looks like Mr. Tamiya was running a bit short on styrene – especially on the left wing root tip, there’s a huge gap!

F-15 has variable air intakes and upon searching for ramp start and shutdown vids on the internet only instance of them looking straight ahead when on the ground like the Tamiya’s is when the engines are OFF. Engine off situation has another characteristic too, i guess due to loss of hydraulic pressure the ailerons drop as well which i depicted with the help of a scriber removing enough plastic to allow them bend downwards without completely cutting the control surfaces.