As the Ariete and Merkava projects are getting some rest for their weathering and base work respectively, i decided that i had enough with the mud movers and cracked opened a fighter jet to get the mojo back; F-15C of Tamiya in 1/48 – kit 61029.

Assembled, painted and weathered the cockpit tub in one sitting – except the controls, the bang seat and the pilot that is. I’m aware that the color of the avionics bay might not be accurate at all even for the time period but once the canopy frame is over those parts (it’s gonna be open canopy) they will be barely visible hence the decision to overdo both the color and the weathering.

How i did the avionics bay is as follows:

  1. Dry-brush (yes!) tamiya chrome silver onto the bare plastic as primer.
  2. Airbrush tamiya clear blue lightened up with a touch of tamiya clear green.
  3. Filter with various shades of dark green and blue-green oil paints mixed.
  4. Washes with payne’s gray mixed with various dark brown oil paints.
  5. Misty coats of tamiya flat clear, and the result:

Here’s a great video of this great fighter jet for motivation. I’ll finish the kit with Kadena – ZZ tail alright but keep in mind that the video is from 2012 and the kit is from 1991 so there will be some structural differences like the lack of turkey feather exhausts and the obsolete weapon load in the kit – it’s going to be OOB: