This is Trumpeter’s 1/35 Ariete C1 Italian MBT, kit no 00332. I actually bought this kit 2 days ago and cracked opened it right away since the Merkava build is almost done – not needing much bench time anymore.

This kit is can easily be sold as a Tamiya shake and bake kit if the modeler is oblivious – look at what i managed to pull OOB in 2 straight nights, assembly is almost complete except couple of things here and there and some unnoticed errors to fix thanks to the macro photography revealing all the hidden nasties which’s gonna pop out and say hi after the paint is done! Btw this one will be in overall green basecolor, i’m thinking of using gunze h420 faded with light yellows and white a little as can be seen in the roadwheels.

As for the tank itself, at first sight one might think that it’s a challenger by looking at the turret, a leopard by looking at the glacis plate and an abrams from the side… it’s all of them combined but with ITALIAN style YEAH BABY! 😀

TLDR; Kit is most definitely recommended.