1/72 PST 72009

Colors i’ve used in order of application per the complementary color rule:

  1. VA Black primer + flat white and gray for preshading.
  2. Base color: Gunze H302
  3. Shadows: H406 >H37
  4. Highlights: H57 > Tamiya XF14
  5. Drybrushing with a good dozen of enamel paints, starting from dark greens to browns topping off with lighter earth tones and green grays.
  6. Vallejo satin varnish.
  7. Multiple coats of Winsor & Newton Raw Sienna for filters followed by Raw Umber oil paints for pinwash.
  8. Gunze flat varnish.
  9. Vallejo pigments and oil effects with gunze and tamiya acrylics.