Base coat: 3x Smoke + 1x flat Dark Grey both Tamiya thinned to about 15x regular gunze thinner, shot ~15psi with a fine needle Badger 175

Post-Shading per 5 fingers or Paine’s Stop Sing rule which would mean 1 basecolor (3 oclock) and 2 pairs of shades and highlights down from 6 oclock up towards 12 oclock of the said basecolor, BUT considering the scale of the model being a 1/72nd i treated em as a filters but a bit more thicker and applied via airbrush in this order:

Extreme shadows, ie. total vertical areas: 2x h406 + 1x h2 both Gunze, thinned heavier than the base coat.

Shadows: 1x Tamiya Flat Earth.

Highlights: 1x h56 + 1x h307

Extreme Highlights, ie. total horizontal areas: 1x h307 + 1x h305

After the post shading is done i mixed 3x water 1x ipa 1x vallejo gloss varnish and shot this only where the decals would come.

Applied the decals tho they were THICK, they took probably 8-10 applications of  MicroSol!

Further picked out the details for highlighted details with several shades of vallejo game color grays using paintbrush.

Finally applied 3-4 misty coats of vallejo semi gloss varnish, mixed with the same ratio as gloss coat before.

It’s ready for a little bit of chipping and then off to weathering.