Merkava I – WIP#08

Paint of the groundwork is more or less complete i’m happy with the result so far compared to the reference picture provided in the earlier update. Earth is Vandyke brown, raw umber and raw sienna oil paints, they were more washes than paint anyway so it took couple of passes to cover the white basecolor.

Trim of the base is oil paints again, ivory black with a little bit of burnt sienna in several coats. Tho this time i didn’t want the base itself to overpower the model like i did with the M60 so i kept the wooden grain effect to bare min on purpose.

Sticker is homemade, a simple design with Gimp2 for 10cmX5cm including the ref. shot and the flag of the IDF obtained from wikimedia: “Flag of the Israel Defence Forces” by MeronimOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. and stuck aside the base with carpenter’s 2 sided tape, which has a nice thickness to it compared to a regular tape. As for the font in the sticker, i’ve searched the net high and low for the proper IDF fonts to no avail so i simply used Verdana Bold Italic which looked cool enough to me. Initially i also wanted to include a Hebrew text too but couldn’t get the printer work properly so i skipped the idea totally with the lack of a good font anyway.

Next step will be adding some sparse vegetation, rocks and stones around the base to liven it up even more then i will resume the work on the tank.

Merkava I – WIP#07

Work continues on the Merkava alone at the moment, tank is as it was since last i left it hereGroundwork and the base are all totally outta household materials: packing foam, white glue, drawing paper, kitchen carbonate, hairspray, oil and craft acrylic paints.

There’s a lot more work to do both on the base and the tank itself of course but this is where i am right now + the inspirational/reference photo to go along with.

F-15C – WIP#04

Airframe is shaping up slowly: Fuselage joints and the air intakes are filled, sanded (rinse & repeat) and rescribed.

Radome has more work to do, so does the avionics bay behind the cockpit.

I’ve installed the main wings atop a pair of lego bricks on each side to ensure their alignment but looks like Mr. Tamiya was running a bit short on styrene – especially on the left wing root tip, there’s a huge gap!

F-15 has variable air intakes and upon searching for ramp start and shutdown vids on the internet only instance of them looking straight ahead when on the ground like the Tamiya’s is when the engines are OFF. Engine off situation has another characteristic too, i guess due to loss of hydraulic pressure the ailerons drop as well which i depicted with the help of a scriber removing enough plastic to allow them bend downwards without completely cutting the control surfaces.

F-15C – WIP#03

Panel lines and details are under the protection of masking tape and on with sanding and filling work with 180 and 300 grit wet and dry sand paper and a flat jeweler’s file (an indispensable tool!). What is noticeable here is how the left side has almost entirely needed filler (tamiya’s basic putty in grey) despite having a good fit whilst the right side almost did not despite having an offset fit. I’m using Deluxe’s plastic magic exclusively for the glue like i’ve mentioned earlier post yet this result is due to trying out different application methods on each side for the sake of it; long story short after gluing the right side section by section as usual and counting 4 or 5 Mississippis i squeezed the parts to let the molten plastic ooze out hence acting as a filler in the first place – of course the amount of glue applied should be as minimal as possible to decrease the drying time yet still do it’s magic ok otherwise one might have to hold the pieces while airdrying like a bimbo secretary’s fingernails for several minutes before moving on to the next section. Once the glue and plastic residue is finger touch dry, i used little strips of tamiya’s masking tape to firmly hold the joints and put the fuselage aside to rest for a full day while preparing other bits and pieces and also a base for the Merkava I, which is still a wip…

I’ll let the putty harden and sink for a day and begin with polishing and rescribe work of the lost detail around the joints.

F-15C – WIP#02

Fuselage is closed up now, fit isn’t as good as expected but it could be a lot more worse i guess… I’m using Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic as “hot” glue and it’s doing a good job so far, i think i prefer it better than Tamiya’s extra thin cement (green cap) – why i don’t know…

It’s time to putty and sand, YAAY!

F-15C – WIP#01

As the Ariete and Merkava projects are getting some rest for their weathering and base work respectively, i decided that i had enough with the mud movers and cracked opened a fighter jet to get the mojo back; F-15C of Tamiya in 1/48 – kit 61029.

Assembled, painted and weathered the cockpit tub in one sitting – except the controls, the bang seat and the pilot that is. I’m aware that the color of the avionics bay might not be accurate at all even for the time period but once the canopy frame is over those parts (it’s gonna be open canopy) they will be barely visible hence the decision to overdo both the color and the weathering.

How i did the avionics bay is as follows:

  1. Dry-brush (yes!) tamiya chrome silver onto the bare plastic as primer.
  2. Airbrush tamiya clear blue lightened up with a touch of tamiya clear green.
  3. Filter with various shades of dark green and blue-green oil paints mixed.
  4. Washes with payne’s gray mixed with various dark brown oil paints.
  5. Misty coats of tamiya flat clear, and the result:

Here’s a great video of this great fighter jet for motivation. I’ll finish the kit with Kadena – ZZ tail alright but keep in mind that the video is from 2012 and the kit is from 1991 so there will be some structural differences like the lack of turkey feather exhausts and the obsolete weapon load in the kit – it’s going to be OOB:

Ariete C1 – WIP#02

Basecoat is gunze 420 rlm 80

Gunze 420 + tamiya deck tan for highlights, there is no fixed ratio, mixture is adjusted according to the hull’s angles.

Gunze 420 + tamiya jgsdf olive drab for shadows.

Detail painting and further highlighting with various grey and yellow colors mixed into dark greens from vallejo mc using paintbrush.

Decals are applied in between tamiya gloss clear coats. Gloss is only applied to the sections where the decals would be, not on the entire vehicle.

Further highlighting prominent panels with dark green + yellow enamels via drybrushing.

Finally sealed it all in with tamiya semigloss clear dulled down with tamiya flat base (about 10%) in 2 misty coats over the entire vehicle.

Off to weathering… :D

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