Merkava I – WIP#04

Painted and highlighted the details with vallejo acryclis and paintbrush, weathering with oil paints next.

Merkava I – WIP#03

Basecoat is finished, weathering can commence now first some highlighting the details with vallejo mc paints than an overall burnt sienna + black oil paint wash to take away the greenish tint and to warm and darken the colors up a bit.

Anyway, close up shots of the antislip surface:

Merkava I – WIP#02

Anti slip is applied completely, preshading with tamiya nato black and flat earth colors.

Ludovico Einaudi – Una mattina FULL ALBUM


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Merkava I – WIP#01

Hello folks,

Tamiya Merk1, will have to finish OOB due to lack of local detail set supplies, tho i will do the anti slip surfaces per the ref. pictures at PP and the tamiya extra thin + baking soda method shared here, tho i’ll use cellulose (lacquer) thinners instead of the green cap.

Build started last night and it’s almost ready for the anti slip, except the terribly skewed rear right hand corner which has to be glued in small steps, so there isn’t much to document atm – hopefully next pix will be with anti slip fully covered and everything is ready for paint – ’82 Lebanon in the ever elusive idf gray green blue yellow…

M60A3 M9 Dozer 1/72 Revell 03175

Base was constructed from several layers of packing foam, wrapped around with drawing paper, then filled with air drying clay. Once everything was set the drawing paper is smeared flush with Knauf brand plaster, once hardened the trim was wet sanded with 600 and 1200 grit sandpapers for smoothing it all out. W&N Burnt Sienna was used to paint the trim than washed with burnt sienna and ivory black mixture for the shadows, both were done with a bad paintbrush to achieve the wooden look.

Toppings were modelling moss, tiny stones for the rocks, dried out flower root for the dislodged tree trunk, long bushes were from household hemp and the short bushes were made out of regular rope, all vegetation sections were lined up in an irregular triangle fashion, a la Paine’s diorama building instructions to create natural looking non symmetry. Earth was kitchen baking soda fixed with watered down white glue – used syringe and old deodorant spray to distribute the glue without upsetting the shape of the ground for the track marks and whatnot . Everything atop the base was painted with Vallejo model color acrylics. Leaves over the tank and the base was dried maple leaves ground with the back of a large tweezers than fixed with Vallejo acrylic thinners.

T-72 M1 1/72 Revell 03149

Here’s the result after refurbishing the paint job and building a simple base to create a vignette. Enjoy.

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