T-90 -final-

Here’s the T-90 in 1/72 from Revell #03190. Inspiration for the camouflage came from this lovely blog post at MiniArmour. Since i had no clue whether or not the camo was actually operational, i decided to weather the mbt in an urban environment and somewhat overused and this is the result:

T-90 – WIP

1/72 Revell 03190
I will apply a flat coat first then top it off with dirt and dust.

Bf-190e3 1/48 Tamiya 61050

Here it is in Adolf Galland’s colors, at least according to Tamiya’s instructions. There are a couple of things to take care of here and there but i considered this one done so went ahead and shot pictures anyway.

Had i had fun? so-so… Kit’s particularly not very pleasant with the fit of wings especially, despite what’s praised over the net i’m not impressed honestly. I had my own dumb moments too, especially around the canopy area obviously with the overspray and canopy frosting in a couple of places due to glue but like i’ve said earlier in a post, i have nothing to prove so this one’s gonna end up in the display cabinet happily.

Enjoy the pictures, also be sure to check out the work in progress logs and feel free to ask any questions. Cheers.

Bf-109e3 – WIP#03

Thinned Vallejo semi gloss coat to the ratio of 15x ipa + 5x dist. water + 10x varnish, shot at 15~20psi and it spat! White speckles are not dust or anything, i suppose they are bits of varnish drying midair before reaching the surface and leaving those frosty little spots. While the finish of the semi gloss coat is very satisfactory, there’s nothing i could do about the spattering so i’ll be moving on with installing all the fragile extremities and finally fixing the canopy before calling her done.


Bf-109e3 – WIP#02

Decals are on. Will fix the silvering ones than seal it all up with semigloss varnish.

Bf-109e3 – WIP#01

1/48 Tamiya 61050. Will finish as Adolf Galland’s <<1 from Battle of Britain in RLM 71/02/65 without mottles. Using Gunze aqueous for the respective colors except substituting Gunze rlm70 for 71. All paints were thinned with regular hardware store cellulose thinner, shot at ~15psi. First painted with 02 overall, then masked for 65 and finally for 70. Will paint flap and slat housings with rlm02 later on.

M41 – WIP#09

Wheel rims are drybrushed with Humbrol 26 khaki followed by Model Master olive drab. AK nato wash was used to on the sides of the rubber on the roadwheels in order to distinguish both from each other since the wheels are too much monolithic beforehand now the detail is more prominent, tho i’ve lost most of the pigments in the process and will have to re apply a bit later.

Removed the pigments from the rubber shoes of the tracks with the help of a moistened cotton bud.

Painted the missing red tail lights.

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